Watertight Panel Installation

Each panel is designed with a tab to screw to the spacer and has a channel to receive the next panel. This screw tab has a patented drip edge built into it to ensure all of the seams are watertight.

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Your COMFORT ZONE can be embellished to fit your needs. Whether it’s cooling off the area with a ceiling fan, or adding additional lighting, it can be customized to create Your Outdoor Living Space, Your Way.


Finishing off the underside of the steps can always be added to the project.


Custom wrapped beam and posts can really finish things off.


Electrical Before Picture


After Photo

Since COMFORT ZONE is made of aluminum, it is available in a number of colors, choose to compliment your current gutter system or siding. White will keep the area feeling bright and open, whereas a darker color will make the space appear smaller and more cozy.