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Our skilled team will install a custom COMFORT ZONE system under the deck to instantly add value and livability to any home. By installing a COMFORT ZONE system, space is immediately created for a spa, an area to relax and entertain, or create dry storage. COMFORT ZONE will allow you to maximize the hidden potential of outdoor space.

COMFORT ZONE Underdeck Drainage System is a weather tight, heavy gauge aluminum ceiling attached to the underside of a deck. It’s purpose is to redirect rainwater and melting snow through a gutter system. By diverting the water and debris away, the patio below is kept clean and dry, optimizing your outdoor living space and dry storage area. A custom product, COMFORT ZONE can be tailored to fit any size of deck and can be added to an existing structure or included in new construction.

COMFORT ZONE Underdeck Drainage System was conceived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where the systems are currently produced and distributed. COMFORT ZONE Underdeck Drainage System received a United States Patent in 2013.

Job 07-1 Before CZ 10
Job 07-2 Yard Ched After CZ 11
“After researching other store packaged underdeck solutions, we were extremely pleased to discover the underdeck drainage system by Comfort Zone. We have an unusual shaped deck that other systems simply could not provide the proper length of material and quality. Comfort Zone has the capability to custom cut the drainage panels to length. They use a durable heavy gauge aluminum to create their interlocking panels that tie nicely into a solid gutter system. Their skilled craftsman finished our underdeck system with professional engineering and care. We now have a beautiful, white finished ceiling to look at and not those ugly treated lumber boards, in addition to having pleasant dry comfortable space below our deck on our patio. Great product! Great Solution! Great people to work with. Thanks Comfort Zone!”
~Blaine W.

The COMFORT ZONE system offers a decorative, weather tight ceiling that allowed us to install custom-made screened panels and lighting for a gorgeous screened porch in a previously neglected area of this home.

This 3-Season room was crafted to customers specifications using COMFORT ZONE underdeck solutions like custom-fit wall panels and windows- creating a light, fresh space with year-round value and livability.


A new deck installed with a COMFORT ZONE ceiling provided a weather-tight addition to this home. With room for both sun and shade, this Sundeck/3-Season room addition is a beautiful example of custom COMFORT ZONE solutions.