Panels are made of aluminum, so they are guaranteed to never rust. Below shows the sequence of installation.

Comfort Zone installation is a 3-step process to assure a weather tight application.
  • Diverters are installed at the wall of the house between the deck joists to prevent water flowing down the siding.
  • Spacers are attached to the deck joist to provide the slope for the panels to drain.


  • Starter channel is installed to the bottom of the deck joists at the house side of the wall and acts as a receiving channel for the panels to slide into.
  • End caps are attached to the inside of the last joist on both sides of the deck to help provide the slope of the panels and cap off the ends of the system to give it a finished look.
  • The gutter is attached on the outside edge of the deck, usually on the beam, and it is designed to receive the water from the down sloped panels and close off and finish this end of the system.


The panels are installed by sliding the one end into the starter channel and on top of the gutter and pushed to the far side into the end cap.  Then the screws are inserted into the spacers which provide the slope.  Each panel is interlocked to the previous one, and the last panel is placed at the far end. It will be cut to fit the remaining space to provide a custom finish and cover the entire underside of the deck.



Limited Lifetime Warranty

COMFORT ZONE is guaranteed by a Limited Lifetime Material Warranty to ensure you will be able to remain in your COMFORT ZONE for years to come.

Products manufactured by Comfort Zone, Inc. for use in an Underdeck drainage system are warranted against defects occurring in the manufacturing process, under normal use and service, subject to terms and conditions contained in this Warranty. If Comfort Zone determines a claim is valid in accordance with the terms of this Warranty, Comfort Zone agrees to repair or replace the defective materials, and will assume 100% of the cost. Replacement materials will be covered under the original warranty. Comfort Zone offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on its manufactured products. All warranties must be registered with Comfort Zone Inc. within 30 days of the original customer purchase. This warranty is for the original individual or entity and is not transferable. This warranty is governed by the laws of the State of Iowa.

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